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VibrA Ultra - Vibration Analyser, Data Collector & Field Balancer!

VibrA Ultra - Vibration Analyser, Data Collector & Field Balancer!

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  2. Features
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Product Overview

VibrA Ultra - Vibration Analyzer is the high end vibration analyser and CBM tool from C-Cubed.  Actually it is the combination of three tools:
                High specification vibration analyzer
                Two plane field balancer
                Machine and plant Inspection software

The VibrA Ultra - Vibration Analyser includes features such as 0.02 Hz resolution frequency resolution with a 51,000 line FFT, envelope demodulation and a bearing fault frequency database.   

The two plane field balancer is both powerful and simple to use with features such as expert trial wait location and live balance vectors making field balancing quicker and more accurate. 

Machine and plant inspections facilitate the user carrying out proactive maintenance as part of a CBM program. 

All the above features combine with C-Cubed's C-Trend software which allows the user to trend all data.  The ease of use and powerful features such as waterfall plots, auto emailing of alarms, bearing fault cursors and network connectivity make this the ideal solution for CBM programs.


Vibration Analyser

  • Fully waterproof and rugged ip67 construction
  • High resolution (0.3Hz) frequency spectra from 0Hz to 15kHz (and 0.02Hz from 0 to 1kHz)
  • Auto detects out of balance, misalignment, looseness etc
  • User selectable envelope demodulation filters
  • Analyzes bearing wear
  • Built-in IEPE (constant current) accelerometer power supply with BNC connector
  • Automatic RFID measurement point identification
  • Saves and reads measurement values to/from RFID tags (option)

Field Balancer 

  • Single and two plane modes 
  • Trial weight placement function to minimise test runs
  • Outboard and inboard two plane modes
  • Live balance vector to ensure stability
  • Laser tachometer
  • Report generator


  • 100% user definable inspections
  • Alarm on numeric data
  • Inspection routes
  • Auto email on failure


  • Full asset tree with multi level hierarchy
  • Combine vibration and inspections on any asset
  • Detailed user specified reporting
  • Comprehensive analysis functions such as cursors, waterfall plots etc
  • Networkable databases


  • Very easy to use and set up (uses Wizards)
  • Operates with wide range of industry standard sensors (accelerometers)
  • High resolution (up to 0.02 Hz) for automatic bearing fault detection
  • Auto detection and trending of balance, misalignment, looseness etc
  • Easy to interpret colour graphic displays with predictive trendlines
  • Automatic reporting in MS Word
  • No software license fees and free updates


C-Trend Ultra software functionality:

Asset manager:

  • Displays asset status (OK, warning or critical) for ISO, bearing quality etc, with date and time of reading.
  • Assets can be easily Created, Edited, Deleted, Copied and Pasted into Sites.
  • Sites (and their assets) can be selectively downloaded to PocketVibrA unit.
  • Automatic set up and download of Routes.
  • Reports can be created on individual or groups of assets (selected via the Report Wizard) as editable Word files with embedded Excel graphs for trends and frequency plots.
  • Emails can be automatically generated on exceptions (alarms)

Measurement point display:

  • Total vibration (mm/s and g) from 0Hz to 15kHz, ISO (10Hz-1kHz), Bearing Quality (BDU), Crest factor, Demod (Envelope), VA Bands (instability, balance, misalignment and looseness) plus any number of user defined parameters (text or numerical values).
  • Individual readings (on any date) can be selected for frequency plot or time waveform display (all axes are zoomable).
  • Top ten peaks can be displayed and sorted by frequency or amplitude.
  • Fully adjustable harmonic cursors.
  • Zoomable "waterfall" diagrams with user selected data.

PocketVibrA Ultra software functionality:

Asset manager:

  • Displays sites, assets and measurement dates and times as a "tree" structure.
  • Stylus free navigation of route and measurement points and capture of readings using numeric keypad.
  • Auto identification of measurement points using RFID tags or auto recognition of “smart” accelerometer via easy to use set up procedure.
  • No set-up "meter mode" with full FFT and waveforms.

"Run asset" display:

  • Individual measurement points (MP) are numbered and described with text.
  • MPs colour coded to show if readings have been taken.
  • Previously taken readings can be viewed or retaken.
  • Readings can be saved to RFID tags for later recall and comparison with current readings.

Measurement point readings display:

  • User selectable, simultaneous display of any four from: ISO mm/s, Total RMS (mm/s or g), Bearing quality (BDU), Peak g, Crest Factor or Demod (Envelope).
  • Time waveform and frequency plots (fully zoomable) with fully adjustable harmonic cursors
  • VA bands display alarms as colour coded (red, amber, green) RMS values.
Size 220 mm x 95mm x 45mm Envelope demodulation filters

Fully user selectable high pass and low pass
Weight 500g (not including accelerometer) filter cut-off frequencies

Environmental Auto set up of VA band limits (RPM = run speed)
Water: MIL-STD-810F, Method 512.4 Instability 0 - 0.75x RPM
IP67 sealed against accidental immersion Unbalance 0.75x RPM - 1.5x RPM
(1m for 30 min) Misalignment 1.5x RPM - 2.5x RPM
Drop: MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5, Procedure IV Looseness 2.5x RPM - 3.5x RPM
26 drops from 1.22 m
6 additional drops at -20º Accelerometer Connection
6 additional drops at 60º Standard 10 pin IP67 connected smart
Operating: -30º to 65º accelerometer with built-in ID and sensitivity
Storage: -40º to 70º calibration (nominally 25mV/g)
Humidity: MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.4
Sand & Dust: IP67, MIL-STD-810F, Method 510.4, IEPE accelerometer interface
Procedures I & II Optional IP67 BNC connected constant current
  accelerometer (nominal +20v supply @ 1mA)
Power Supply: Rechargeable battery (incl charger)

Battery life Displayed Amplitude Units
Typically 20 hours operating time depending Acceleration in g
on backlight usage. Velocity in mm/s (or inches/s)

Bearing noise in BDU (bearing damage units)
Frequency ranges  
0 Hz to 1 kHz; 0 Hz to 15 kHz
Displayed Frequency Units

Herts (Hz)
Frequency Resolution RPM or
400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800,
25600 or 51200 lines FFT  
(0.3 Hz from 0 to 15 kHZ, 0.02 Hz from 0 to 1 kHz) Numeric Keypad or Touch screen operation

Stylus free collection of vibration data using
Input range numeric keypad or by touching screen
+/- 50g with standard 25mV/g C-Cubed
accelerometer Included accessories

Carrying case with neck strap
Dynamic range Stylus lanyard
120 dB +/- 50g to +/- 0.0004g with standard Docking station


  • Curly cable (1.5m extended) (C307-104)
  • Straight cable 1.5m (C307-105)
  • Straight cable 5m (C307-106)
  • IEPE (Constant current) accelerometer cable (BNC) (C307-207)
  • AA dry cell power boot module Nomad (C307-213)
  • Nomad carry case with neck strap and belt clip (C307-214)
  • Stylus lanyard (C307-204)
  • Rechargeable power boot Nomad (C307-212)
  • 12 volt in-vehicle charger Nomad (C307-215)
  • Stylus (Nomad) (C307-216)
  • Docking cradle (Nomad) (C307-217)
  • RFID Tags (200) (C307-218)
  • C-Cubed "smart" Accelerometer & Magnet (Standard) (C307-100)
  • IEPE (constant current) Accelerometer BNC Output (C307-102)

Vibra-Ultra-Vibration-Analyser-CBMThese are some typical screens that the user might see when using the unit. Extensive use is made of icons for function selection and both touch screen and keyboard entry are simultaneously available. Data is very easily entered by typically selecting from drop down menus. Zooming into displayed graphs etc is done simply by touching the screen and dragging a zoom box.