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Vib Meter 330 - Vibration Analyser

Vib Meter 330 - Vibration Analyser

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Product Overview

The Vib Meter 330 - Vibration Analyzer has a feature set previously found on higher end vibration analyzers. Combine that with extreme ease of use and you have a winning Condition Based Maintenance product.  Although only recently released the Vib Meter 330 - Vibration Meter has already been used by engineers starting out with CBM, vibration consultants and as a company-wide field service tool. 

Colour coded alarms, expert CBM analysis (looseness, unbalance, misalignment) and bearing damage are all available at the press of a single button.  A zoomable spectrum with cursor was previously unheard of at this level of vibration analyser but now comes as standard on the Vib Meter 330.  

Where the Vib Meter 330 really outclasses the competition's vibration analysers is in its asset management capability.  Every reading can be saved to a named asset and measurement point. Once the Vib Meter 330 has been synchronised with the included PC VibTrend software the CBM program can begin.  Simple trending and email notifications are just two of the functions of VibTrend which will enable you to take control of your plant.


  • Overall vibration values are displayed with colour coded alarm levels for ISO values and bearing condition.
  • Colour coded frequency band alarms based on run speed can be displayed to diagnose machine faults such as balance, misalignment and looseness.
  • The Vib Meter 330 represents the very latest in technology with up to 800 lines of FFT resolution and zoom-able vibration spectrum display.
  • VibTrend software enables PC based trending of machine condition over time and generation of reports
  • The fully dynamic cursor displays frequency and amplitude values.
  • Readings are easily saved and recalled, and all alarm levels and settings are stored in non-volatile flash memory.
  • Run speed and machine type are entered with the simple to use Setup Wizard.
  • BNC connector for external accelerometer.


  • Simple to use - requires no training.
  • Colour coded readings based on international alarm levels.
  • Diagnoses bearing wear and machine run-speed faults (balance, misalignment and looseness).
  • Fully zoomable frequency spectrum with dynamic cursor, for viewing/measuring vibration frequencies.
  • Trending over time and enables advance identification of failing machines or assets.



200 mm x 60mm x 26mm


280g (not including sensor)



Water, Sand & Dust:

IP67 Waterproof


0ºC to 50ºC


-20ºC to 70ºC

Power supply

2 x AA batteries

Battery life

Auto power OFF - typically 50 hours operating time depending on brightness setting.

Frequency range

2/10 Hz to 1 kHz (ISO)

1 kHz to 10 kHz (BDU)

Max frequency resolution

1.25 Hz @ 800 lines FFT setting

Displayed Vibration Amplitude Units

Acceleration in g

Velocity in mm/s (or inches/s)

Bearing noise in BDU (bearing damage units)

Displayed Frequency Units

Hertz (Hz), RPM or CPM

Input Auto Range

+/- 50g or +/- 5g

Dynamic range

96 dB (0.002g resolution)

VA diagnostic bands

(RS= run speed)

Unbalance 1x RS

Misalignment 2x RS

Looseness 3x RS


· Standard 100mV/g BNC accelerometer

·Accelerometer magnet

· Nylon carrying case


. Tacho strobe / flashlight attachment

. Rubber Boot

. Bluetooth ear defenders / headphones


  • Tacho strobe / flashlight attachment
  • Rubber Boot
  • Bluetooth ear defenders / headphones
  • Standard 100mV/g BNC accelerometer
  • Accelerometer magnet
  • Nylon carrying case

Vib Meter 330 - Vibration Analyzer in use: