Pocket Balancer

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Product Overview

Field balancing of rotors made easy!

Simple to use step-by-step screens (Balance Wizard) lead even a novice user effortlessly and effectively through single or two plane balancing jobs.

Easy set up of hardware (supplied magnet clamp laser tacho and accelerometers simply connect via 3-way cable).

Includes full software tool box (trial weight and drill depth calculator, coast down, speed measurement etc). Automatically splits weights for fixed position balancing (fans, turbines etc) and fixed weight balancing option included.

Balances to international standards, user defined levels or a simple reduction in running speed vibration level.


Pocket Balancer software functionality:

Balancing wizard

  • Single and two plane balancing wizard guides you through the process of balancing.
  • Graphical (vector plot) and data table presentation with colour coding.
  • ISO 1940/1 quality grade balancing system.
  • Saves and Loads balancing sessions.
  • Vibration units can be chosen as displacement, velocity or acceleration.
  • Metric, Imperial or Custom units of measurement for mass and length.
  • Angle measurement with or against rotation.

RPM Measurement:

  • Measures rotation speed of equipment using optical probe and reflective tape.
  • Up to 50 000 RPM with 30° reflective tape cover.
  • Display in RPM and Hz.

Trial Weight Calculator:

  • Estimates trial weight for balancing process based on rotor weight, rotor speed and radius of trial weight.


  • Innovative Technology allows precise balancing in fewer runs, saving time and money
  • Full specification rugged IP67 handheld rotor balancer
  • Balances in single and two planes with easy to use wizard
  • ISO quality grade levels and RPM measurement
  • Built-in calculator for trial weights, weight splitting between fan blades etc.
  • Advanced mode can be used for coast down, custom units etc
  • Available as an upgrade kit to Pocket VibrA Pro


Size 220 mm x 95mm x 45mm Rotor Types

4 predefined rotor types for two plane balancing:
Weight 500g (not including accelerometer) Symmetrical / Outboard Plane / Overhung / Narrow

Environmental ISO Quality Grade
Water: MIL-STD-810F, Method 512.4 G0.4/G1/G2.5/G6.2/G16/G40/G100/G250/G630
IP67 sealed against accidental immersion
(1m for 30 min) Accelerometer Connection
Drop: MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5, Procedure IV Standard 10 pin IP67 connected smart
26 drops from 1.22 m accelerometer with built-in ID and sensitivity
6 additional drops at -20º calibration (nominally 25mV/g)
6 additional drops at 60º
Operating: -30º to 65º Vibration Measurement Units
Storage: -40º to 70º Displacement
Humidity: MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.4 Velocity
Sand & Dust: IP67, MIL-STD-810F, Method 510.4, Acceleration
Procedures I & II

Balance View
Battery life Tabular and Graphical data representation
Typically 8-20 hours operating time depending
on backlight usage. Colour coded readings

Red: outside specified limit
RPM Measurement
Green: inside specified limit
10 RPM to 50,000 RPM

Dynamic range
Balancing RPM range
+/- 50g to +/- 0.01g with standard
60 RPM to 6,000 RPM C-Cubed accelerometer

+/- 5g to +/- 0.001g with high sensitivity
Input range C-Cubed accelerometer
+/- 50g with standard C-Cubed accelerometer

+/- 5g with high sensitivity C-Cubed accelerometer

  Carrying case with neck strap
  Stylus lanyard



  • Straight cable 1.5m (C307-105)
  • Straight cable 5m (C307-106)
  • Tacho cable 5m (C307-121)
  • AA dry cell power boot module Nomad (C307-213)
  • Nomad carry case with neck strap and belt clip (C307-214)
  • Stylus lanyard (C307-204)
  • Rechargeable power boot Nomad (C307-212)
  • 12 volt in-vehicle charger Nomad (C307-215)
  • Stylus (Nomad) (C307-216)
  • Docking cradle (Nomad) (C307-217)
  • Tacho Probe (C307-120)
  • C-Cubed "smart" Accelerometer & Magnet (High Gain) (C307-112)
  • 3-way splitter cable (C307-219)
  • Mag clamp (C307-122)

PocketBalancerThese are some typical screens that the user might see when using the unit. Extensive use is made of icons for function selection and both touch screen and keyboard entry are simultaneously available. Data is very easily entered by typically selecting from drop down menus. Zooming into displayed graphs etc is done simply by touching the screen and dragging a zoom box.