C-Trend - Vibration Analysis

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Use of Vibration Analyzers and CBM Trending tools are key to successful condition monitoring.

A single reading will only tell you whether the machine is set up correctly, but by looking at the results over a period of time you will be able to predict failure before it happens.

Our very latest CBM package offers even greater ease of use and flexibility. Store, analyse and report on all your vibration, lube and PROCESS PARAMETERS (e.g. oil pressure, lube volume, temperatures, run hours etc.) in one place. All your information is just a click away. The network access option now allows data to be stored on a server for easy organisation and back up. Data can be accessed anywhere on any machine (even over the internet). With CBM, the plant history is everything and C-TREND gives you that with just a single mouse click.

C-Cubed are THE leading innovators in CBM tools – we constantly strive to make our products the industry leaders in terms of simplicity, functionality and usability. We believe our customer service is second to none with low cost training, free telephone support and free software upgrades – we are there to support you every step of the way.

Just one of the ways we have made the VibrA Ultra - Vibration Analyzer easy to use is the use of RFID tags. Simply tie-wrap a tag to your asset and VibrA Ultra - Vibration Analyzer will recognise it and automatically select the correct asset, AND it will show you what the previous reading was without having to look at the PC!